About Me


“Let’s celebrate our humanity in all it’s diversity- the shapes, sizes, abilities, ages, and colors that make the human race special. Let’s celebrate our bodies, open our hearts, and grow our spirits in this practice”  -Melanie Klein

When I first began practicing yoga I was focused on achieving the  “perfect” outer form of a pose, and this often led to self criticism. Over time, I learned that this was harmful to my emotionalSophia_Hallie Easley Photography-274 and physical health. Slowly, yoga helped me celebrate my body regardless of the size, shape, or ability. This is the true magic of yoga- to be comfortable in your skin, and thus present in your life.

I received my RYT 200 & 500 under the guidance of Tara Glazier at Abhaya Yoga. I have been teaching since early 2014. My public classes are a blend of mindful movement (hatha and vinyasa yoga), restorative yoga, and meditation. I teach private lessons in your home, and offer food and body image mentoring sessions in your home and at SHAKTIBARRE in Williamsburg.

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